21 April 2020, Tuesday

10am – 11am



[Webinar] Empowering Business Continuity for Law Firms

With the new Circuit Breaker measures in place, companies including law firms are now required to work from home. Despite this, law firms can still operate without compromising on their workflow and business processes. Join this webinar to find out how Tembusu Law has used Dropbox to transform and digitise their business, ensuring that productivity is not affected. 

Receive a FREE consultation with DropBox on developing a circuit breaker plan when you register for the webinar.

13 February 2020, Thursday

12:30pm – 2pm

The Law Society of Singapore, Maxwell Chambers Suites


Meeting Clients’ Demand for “Faster-Better-Cheaper” With Workflow Automation 

Implementing a baseline solution such as a Practice Management System (PMS) is just the beginning of a law firm’s legal tech journey. According to a survey by the Law Society of Singapore, 49% of technology personnel in Singapore law firms find that off-the-shelf solutions fall short of their needs*. So, what multi-purpose and scalable legal tech solutions are available now which provide value and ensure frequent use?

Join this session on advanced workflow automation together with the Law Society, Bizibody Technology and Litigation Edge to find out more!

6 February 2020, Thursday

10am – 12pm

The Law Society of Singapore, Maxwell Chambers Suites


Enhance Your Workflow with Document Automation

Transforming your business by leveraging productivity-enhancing technology is easier than you think. By using right-sized solutions such as drafting and document automation tools, you can improve the quality of your work, client experience as well as increase the profitability of your business.

Join us for a complimentary seminar to learn about the benefits of using document automation software!

28 November 2019, Thursday

10.30am – 1pm

Republic Plaza, Level 6, 

9 Raffles Place

Tech-celerate Your Law Firm to Stay on Top of the Game

Legal professionals are working increasingly longer hours year over year, with 55% citing increasing client demands as a factor. The good news? Legal technology can make your work easier and more efficient.

Join Thomson Reuters for this event on 28 November to learn how WestLaw and Practical Law can help you to perform your research 78% quicker so that you can focus on more strategic work for your clients.

11 November 2019, Monday

12pm – 2pm

The Law Society of Singapore, Maxwell Chambers Suites

Understanding Legal Research Today, And Where It’s Headed Tomorrow

While new technology enhances the relevance and accuracy of search results, the key to quality results lies with the understanding of search concepts and techniques by lawyers, paralegals and law librarians.

Join the Law Society of Singapore and LexisNexis to find out how Legal Research is changing in the face of new technology and how your firm can leverage on it to reduce risk and enhance efficiency!

20 September 2019, Friday

10am – 12pm

The Law Society of Singapore, Maxwell Chambers Suites

Power Up Your Practice Through Data Analytics

Want to gain a competitive edge for your law firm? Join us to learn about the best-in-class technologies, best practices and data metrics to help you make better decisions for your firm!

10 September 2019, Tuesday

10am – 12pm

The Law Society of Singapore, Maxwell Chambers Suites

Embracing the Digital Future – Connecting Your Content, Apps and Teams Like Never Before

Why is the need for digital transformation so critical in this day and age? Simply because it empowers your team. With the right adoption of digital transformation, teams can cut across silos, remain agile, and above all, shape technology to their needs.

In this workshop, Dropbox will show you how to elevate your business with collaboration as the first step of your digital transformation journey. Find out what successful digital transformation stories share in common and how your law firm can be digitally empowered!

3 September 2019, Tuesday

10am – 11.30am

The Law Society of Singapore, Maxwell Chambers Suites

FOCUS ON WHAT MATTERS – Introducing Automation to the Drafting Process

Litera Microsystem’s Companion Suite has been helping lawyers draft higher quality documents – faster – for more than 7 years. Let’s explore how the Litera Microsystem Companion Suite can help automate much of the drafting process, reduce the risk of costly legal errors and ensure the best available content is used across the firm.

29 August 2019, THURSDAY

10am – 12pm

Found8, 1 North Bridge Road

7 Game Changing Insights to Future-Proof Your Practice with eDiscovery

LegalComet eDiscovery Cloud powered by Nuix Ringtail is able to take on cases of any size and complexity without upfront investment or technical expertise. Join LegalComet and the Law Society of Singapore for a morning of insights on the eDiscovery landscape and find out what it means to adopt eDiscovery to future-proof your practice!

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