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Own the Future of Law – Five questions Managing Partners should consider in disruptive times

Pundits have long predicted the disruption of the legal industry, but the traditional model is seemingly impervious to their augurings. Yet, forward-looking firms are embarking on ambitious transformation programs amidst record years, which begs the question: why now? We recently concluded a two-year strategic transformation effort with a prominent law firm in the Asia-Pacific region, and here we discuss the disruptive challenge faced by the legal industry, describe the response of a leading practitioner, and highlight the five questions that managing partners should consider.

Tech-celerate for Law Webinar: Empowering Business Continuity for Law Firms

With the new Circuit Breaker measures, companies including law firms are now required to work from home. Despite this, law firms can still operate without compromising on their workflow and business processes. Join this webinar to find out how Tembusu Law has used Dropbox to transform and digitise their business, ensuring that their productivity is not affected during this period.

Spotlight on Tech-celerate for Law: A Testament to Technology

As a pioneer under the SmartLaw Recognition scheme, Covenant Chambers LLC has since moved from a small boutique law firm to a mid-sized one known for its tech-driven practices and effective legal strategies. Through the use of Litera Microsystems’ Contract Companion and DocXtools Companion, both lawyers and paralegals of the firm have enjoyed greater productivity, accuracy and time savings in the document review process. With consistent and error-free work, the firm has been able to build greater trust with their clients, resulting in better business outcomes.

Spotlight on Tech-celerate for Law: Breaking the Mould and Giving Back

Singapore Law Practices today face far more challenges than before. Despite this, the opportunity exists to be bold and rewards those who venture out. By leveraging on technology, Ark Law Corporation and Albakri LLC have taken steps to advance their own paths, broken the mould and built community-service focused firms. Productivity solutions like CoreMatter and NetDocuments have allowed them to reduce time spent on administrative matters and go largely paperless. These have allowed them to keep their costs low, enabled them to pass on cost savings to their clients and made high quality legal services accessible to everyone.

Members’ Tea Session

The Law Society of Singapore is pleased to have held the first of our monthly Members’ Tea Sessions at Yang Coffee & Toast on 21 January 2020. These Sessions are aimed at strengthening member engagement, to allow the Society to better attune our initiatives to support law firms.

Spotlight on Tech-celerate for Law: Success in Driving Adoption of Tech Solutions Across Law Practices

The Tech-celerate for Law scheme has benefitted a range of small to mid and large-sized law practices ever since its launch in May 2019., one of the pre-approved solutions under Tech-celerate for Law, has combined different software functions into an integrated one-stop shop. Hear from Jacque Law LLC, Aquinas Law Alliance and Oon & Bazul LLP on their experiences in implementing and how they have benefitted in different ways!

Enhance Your Workflow with Document Automation

Transforming your business by leveraging productivity-enhancing technology is easier than you think. By using right-sized solutions such as drafting and document automation tools, you can improve the quality of your work, client experience as well as increase the profitability of your business. Join us for a complimentary seminar to learn about the benefits of using document automation software!

Tech-celerate Your Law Firm to Stay on Top of the Game

Legal professionals are working increasingly longer hours year over year, with 55% citing increasing client demands as a factor. The good news? Legal technology can make your work easier and more efficient. Join Thomson Reuters for this event on 28 November to learn how WestLaw and Practical Law can help you to perform your research 78% quicker so that you can focus on more strategic work for your clients.

Understanding Legal Research Today, And Where It’s Headed Tomorrow

While new technology enhances the relevance and accuracy of search results, the key to quality results lies with the understanding of search concepts and techniques by lawyers, paralegals and law librarians. Join the Law Society of Singapore and LexisNexis to find out how Legal Research is changing in the face of new technology and how your firm can leverage on it to reduce risk and enhance efficiency!

SMARTLAW Event – Designing a Workplace for the Future

With countless innovative solution offerings in the market, how can you ensure that your business environment is ready for technological enhancements? Join us on 24 October to discover why print capture should possibly be the first step of your transformation journey.

Three Ways Engaging AI Can Streamline Your Legal Practice

Every year globally, millions of documents pass through the hands of lawyers to build cases for their clients and this only grows over time. According to the Future Ready Lawyer’s Survey, seven out of 10 lawyers struggle with the increasing volume and complexity of document processing and want to focus on efficiency and productivity in document management and processing.

The profoundly human law firm of 2030

Technology will be ubiquitous, but the most successful premium firms will be those that harness human creativity, empathy and insight, and develop deep and trusting personal relationships.

Power Up Your Practice Through Data Analytics

Want to gain a competitive edge for your law firm? Join us on 20 September to learn about the best-in-class technologies, best practices and data metrics to help you make better decisions for your firm!

FOCUS ON WHAT MATTERS – Introducing Automation to the Drafting Process

Do you spend most of your time drafting documents, and do so under continued pressure to turnaround high-quality work quickly? Join us for this session to find out how the Litera Microsystems Companion Suite can help you to automate much of the drafting process, reduce the risk of costly legal errors and ensure that the best available content is used across your firm!

7 Game Changing Insights to Future-Proof Your Practice with eDiscovery

LegalComet eDiscovery Cloud powered by Nuix Ringtail is able to take on cases of any size and complexity without upfront investment or technical expertise. Join us on 29 August for a morning of insights on the eDiscovery landscape and find out what it means to adopt eDiscovery to future-proof your practice!

Redefining the Legal Profession

Radical change is needed for business leaders to prepare their organisations for the new realities of work. It has been estimated that 57 per cent of all jobs across the globe are at risk of being automated within the next five years. The legal industry is no exception…

Accelerate Your Firm with Document Automation

Wish to learn how to Tech-celerate to win in today’s fast changing legal landscape? Join Thomson Reuters and Law Society of Singapore for a seminar sharing on 25th July to discover how a small Singapore law firm is benefiting from better quality and speed in a contract’s lifecycle!

Tech-celerate for Law: A Marquee Event by SMARTLAW

Join us at our ‘Tech-celerate for Law’ Event on 15th May 2019 for a series of talks, panel discussions and the opportunity to interact with pre-approved vendors to gain a better understanding of the various technology solutions!

Tech-celerate for Law Programme

Tech-celerate for Law is a support scheme for the adoption of technology solutions by Singapore Law Practices (SLPs). Qualified SLPs are able to select and adopt legal technology solutions from 7 pre-scoped categories with up to 70% funding support in the first year of implementation.

Avoiding eDiscovery Icebergs

There is a feeling in the legal world that fundamental change is something like turning the Titanic. Many of us believe deep down that, no matter what happens, most things will be the same five or even 10 years…

Lawyers Go Global – Go Sydney

A group of ten lawyers, led by the President of the Law Society Mr Gregory Vijayendran, jetted off to Australia, Sydney for the second “Lawyers Go Global” overseas mission (Mission) from 30 July 2018 to 2 August 2018.

Legal Industry Technology Study Report

The Law Society of Singapore, with co-funding from the Ministry of Law, commissioned Blackbox Research, an independent research consultancy to assess the current level of technology adoption in Singapore law firms and solicit feedback to chart the future of legal technology and its relevance to Singapore law firms.

Three Big Ideas About AI for Lawyers

The short to medium-term impact of AI is likely to be significant in light of three big ideas about AI: AI as a utility, AI as augmentation, and AI as legal revolution. As the legal profession begins its journey into the brave new world of 2019 and beyond, it is worthwhile for lawyers to take a step back and reflect on how these three big ideas about AI will impact on the future of legal practice.

Legal Technology is Changing the Legal Profession. What Does this Mean for You?

The legal profession is being disrupted and “the rate of change is of a magnitude that could take many by surprise”. As the Legal Technology Vision prepared by the Singapore Academy of Law correctly notes: “Lawyers are standing at a crossroads.” You can resist or ride the tide of disruption in the legal profession and choose whether or not to implement legal technology in your law firm.

Lawyer + Machine = ?

This article examines two recent ideas in man-machine collaboration – transformation of business processes and digital doubles – which may impact the legal profession in the future.

What is Your Artificial Intelligence Quotient?

Raising one’s AIQ (Artifical Intelligence Quotient) is necessary for lawyers who wish to make informed decisions on AI-powered legal solutions. This article outlines some important AI concepts that lawyers must know to begin raising their AIQ.

Law Firm Innovation, Legal Technology and Measuring Success

There is an expectation in the market that lawyers are utilising technology to provide a higher quality service. In this article we will review what is driving this change, how firms can utilise technology to innovate, and how firms can measure the innovation/implementation of technology to show a return on investment for the business.

Tech Preview Session by Litera Microsystems

In this session we will be discussing how law firms and legal departments can leverage technology throughout the drafting lifecycle, to ensure their lawyers are spending more time on high value tasks, and less on error-prone manual work.

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